The Email Mum Exclusive Housekeeping Service

Email Mum's mission is to provide professional yet personalised housekeeping services without ever compromising on quality or values.

Because we recognise that everyone is individual, we offer our clients a more flexible service, with features like our unique visit book system. This enables clients to prioritise housekeeping tasks on a visit by visit basis as needs arise, which a more rigidly set pre-scheduled system does not allow. So for example, they might ask us to pay more attention to the guest room and change the bedlinen one week, in readiness for the arrival of guests that weekend.

Our clients really appreciate the exclusivity part of our service, too; having the same personal housekeeper for every visit. They get to know and trust them, and can rely on them to consistently deliver Email Mum's 5-star personalised service just the way the client wants it, backed up by an experienced and approachable management team.

They're also assured of uninterrupted cover of the same high standard when their regular housekeeper takes a well-earned break. We operate a thorough recruitment process to provide you with the best in housekeeping staff and because they are employed by us, you are free from any of the worry and hassle that can arise when taking on self-employed or cash-in-hand cleaners. We are proud to employ hard-working, conscientious individuals who adhere to our values and codes of confidentiality, and who have been trained by us to our high service standards.

With Email Mum, our clients have the protection and peace of mind of full insurance cover including negligent damage (very rarely incorporated). We also do not ever add on any extra costs or hidden charges to our competitive hourly rate, nor expect clients to sign up for minimum visit times or a lengthy cancellation contract.

Other Services

Collect and Return Ironing Service - With free collection and return for a minimum load of only £15.00, prices from a highly competitive 50p per garment and a professionally pressed and presented 48 hour turnaround on loads, the Ironing Mums service is an affordable and satisfying way to rid yourself of unwanted ironing chores. All ironing is carried out in smoke-free and pet-free environments. For further information or to try the service please visit Ironing Mums Website.

To find out more about our terms of trade and client protection insurance, please see our policies page.

Hi Wendy, Jim & team
Well, what can I say - my house looks like a show home again and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! I must admit to feeling slightly ashamed that I let it slip - I hadn't realised how bad it was until I saw the transformation. Also, I LOVED the little touches and the way you present things - especially folding the end of the toilet roll to a point, I felt like I was in a hotel, it was much appreciated. On that note, our bedroom and ensuite - WOW! It's the room that always gets neglected (as I'm sure you could tell!) and now it is my little haven again - just what I needed! You are absolute stars and I cannot thank you enough. I am so glad I found you!
All the best

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