About Us

Founded in February 2005, Email Mum is a family-run business which provides an exclusive tailor-made housekeeping solution to those who value high quality service.

Wendy and Jim Woolfe see Email Mum as a concept as well as a company. They combine 30 years of business knowledge and life experience with a friendly, professional approach to produce a unique housekeeping service that meets the needs of today's homeowner. They employ hard-working, reliable staff who are dedicated to delivering the company's ethos on a daily basis.

"Our aim is simple - to match the skills of people that we trust and respect to clients who desire a first class service in their homes. We've built Email Mum around our personal core values of honesty, trust and fairness to all." Wendy Woolfe

Our Vision

Our vision statement underpins everything that we do - from the service we provide to the way that we treat each other within our company.

Vision Statement

We will build Email Mum around the core values of honesty, trust and fairness for all. We believe that it is our personal responsibility to ensure that our values guide us in all of our business relationships.



We will treat everybody that we interact with in our business relationships with complete honesty and openness. When we make mistakes or bad judgments, it will be our duty to do what we can to correct our actions. We recognise that our business objectives will place us in direct competition with other commercial organisations and we will not compromise our values to try to gain unfair advantage.


We will aim to develop in our business relationships an understanding and respect of others' values and needs.


Our values will help us to build up trust with each other, leading to open and supportive relationships.


We will value contribution from others and aim to reward in a fair and beneficial way. We will support each other in trying to achieve our goals.

Working for Email Mum

Housekeeping is an increasingly popular form of part-time work. It’s a great way to get back into the workforce.

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Domestic cleaning insurance

Is your cleaner covered?.Go Compare have kindly written a great article for us highlighting the importance of good insurance

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Hiring a cleaner or housekeeper

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Client Testimonials

Our clients are kind enough to say some great things about our team. You can read some of them here.

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Our Ethos

Our ethos guides us in all of our business activities and endeavours, helping us to provide great service and support.

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