About Hadstock

The village of Hadstock lies on the north-west Essex and Cambridgeshire county border, around 4 miles from Saffron Walden market town. Comprised mostly of half-timbered houses nestled round the village green, the centre is overlooked by St Botolph’s church, an ancient building with the oldest church door still in use in Britain and its own charity, The Friends of St Botolph’s. There is a local legend attached to a small piece of what looked like leather found in the ancient door’s iron fittings in 1791, which was later whispered to have once been the skin of a sacrificed Viking, killed for sacking the church. Recent DNA testing, however, suggests it is rather the skin of a cow.

Hadstock also boasts The King’s Head public house, a recreation ground, village hall and a monthly magazine of parish, council and community news that testify to a vibrant village life. The disused airfield on the village outskirts played its part in the battles of World War II.

Email Mum in Hadstock

Email Mum are proud to be able to offer a range of domestic services to the people Hadstock We have been providing our services, from housekeeping and home cleaning to deep domestic cleans, in the area for over 5 years.

Services offered

Housekeeping and home cleaning service - Our exclusive housekeeping and home cleaning service is the ideal solution to help maintain a clean and tidy home. It's a flexible service that is tailor-made to your individual requirements and is suitable for apartment, house and flat. With Email Mum, you always get your own personal housekeeper.
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Working for Email Mum

Housekeeping is an increasingly popular form of part-time work. It’s a great way to get back into the workforce.

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Domestic cleaning insurance

Is your cleaner covered?.Go Compare have kindly written a great article for us highlighting the importance of good insurance

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Hiring a cleaner or housekeeper

Did you know that hiring your own cleaner/housekeeper isn't as straightforward as you think?

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Client Testimonials

Our clients are kind enough to say some great things about our team. You can read some of them here.

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Our Ethos

Our ethos guides us in all of our business activities and endeavours, helping us to provide great service and support.

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